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  • Avoiding a ‘Heartbleed’ heartache | 16 April 2014

    Find out about the major websites that may have been affected by the Heartbleed bug.

  • Google Carousel - The Latest from Google Local Search | 09 April 2014

    Google Carousel is Google’s latest update to how local searches are performed and displayed. This is the latest in a series of updates to local searches.

  • Creating Content That Counts | 24 March 2014

    Yes, design and development are key to responsive design. But what about your website’s content?

  • Is the news still News? | 26 February 2014

    The internet has meant that the boundary between news and opinion is disappearing. As is the future, of "news" as we know it...

  • Facebook Competitions - The Benefits! | 19 February 2014

    Needless to say, the majority of businesses or brands whether large or small nowadays have a presence on Facebook.

  • A Brief History of Web Typography | 12 February 2014

    Arial; Verdana; Times New Roman. In 1996, these were a web designer’s best friends. Unfortunately, they were the sort of friends who knew everyone – were sharp; relatable – and you kind of just got sick of seeing them.

  • The SEO Impact of a Site Redesign | 05 February 2014

    The SEO impact of a website redesign

  • The Internet in 2014? | 21 January 2014

    The start of any year is always a good time to reflect on the past, and more importantly the future. Here's a quick look back at some statistics, and forward ...

  • Web design trends for 2014 | 15 January 2014

    Web design trends are constantly evolving and in the last 12 months we’ve seen many novel new ideas show up across the web.

  • Responsive Navigation Design Patterns | 11 December 2013

    As a designer, the way a menu looks on narrow and large screen devices is important.

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